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The Celebrant Society - Benefits of Membership

Once you have completed the foundation training course, you become eligible for full membership of the Celebrant Society, and can benefit from all the support that membership brings.

  • Ongoing support
  • Marketing advice
  • Access to advanced training
  • Preferential rates on your own unique website
  • Promotion through the Society's website
  • Access to brochure templates
  • Help with promotional mailshots and local exhibitions

Who can join and how do I become a celebrant?

Anyone successfully completing the foundation course is automatically enrolled in the Celebrant Society. As for who can train to do this, the personal qualities and abilities required are:

  • Good use of language and writing skills
  • A good speaking voice
  • Confidence to speak in front of large groups
  • Smart, unobtrusive appearance
  • A mature, calm and reassuring manner
  • Sensitive interviewing skills
  • Basic word processing and email skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Good time keeping and time management
  • The ability to travel within the local area
  • A genuine interest in people
There is no upper age limit for celebrants, personal qualities are more important than age. Once you have completed the course successfully you will have the tools you need to research, create and deliver funeral services.

You will most likely wish to be self employed, and the basics of this also form a part of our course. This also incorporates elements of basic sales and marketing so that you can start building relationships with funeral directors and other customers in your area.

There are no specific academic qualifications needed, but you will need first and foremost, a good command of language, and the ability to write efectively.
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