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17/09/2018: Meet Pete. Pete has a time machineā€¦

Well, not quite, but in the eyes of a busy celebrant, his machine certainly runs a close second.

Crematoria run to schedules that are timed to the minute. Arriving, or leaving late can have consequences for funeral directors in terms of additional charges. Even worse, families, if not 'your' family, the next one to arrive may find themselves having a rushed service, leaving them aggrieved and highly unlikely to recommend the celebrant concerned.

Paul Smith, the Society's Lead Coach extolled his virtues thus: "That is where Pete comes in. While getting across a busy city in a car, then finding a place to park in good time to perform every ceremony at 100% is a near impossibility, Pete is my go-to man to make sure I am in the right place at the right time."

Then went on to say: "Not only does he get me there in perfect time every time, but the ride on the back of his bike helps to clear my head and concentrate on the service to come, rather than on the mechanics of travel.

When you really need to be somewhere on a tight schedule, I can certainly recommend Pete and his company, who are efficient, knowledgeable and very pleasant to deal with. I could certainly not get the amount done in a day that I do without his help."

If you are a busy celebrant with deadlines to meet and distances to cover, Paul recommends taking a look at Limobike's web site.

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