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10/12/2018: Building and Using Relationships to Sell Yourself

In order to get the right balance of work as a celebrant, it is necessary to make sure that the right people are aware of you, and have enough regard for your work.

Like selling anything else, this doesn't happen overnight and certainly doesn't happen just by telling people. Particularly in a role like celebrancy which is all about people, the confidence to engage you or to recommend you can only be instilled in others over time.

All manner of people need to be brought on board as direct and indirect sources of work, from the obvious ones like funeral directors to the less obvious ones such as local florists, dress hire companies, photographers and all who provide services to those celebrating life created, lives joined or a life lived.

Having built a network, you must then enthuse the members of your 'street team' sufficiently and provide them with enough knowledge of what you do, to become your representatives, providing enough reasons to the people they talk to, to encourage them to meet you face to face for the final stage of the sales process.

As we are well into the 21st century, the communications opportunities that come with it must also be brought to bear on the challenge of getting more work for you as a celebrant. Appropriate use of web site, social media and broadcast email can make the right people aware of why they should be engaging you. You can't always guarantee that they will be seeing your information at the right time, so it has to be made memorable enough that when that time comes, they can call you to mind.

The training programmes at the Celebrant Society include invaluable techniques to help you build, maintain and profit from your network. Coaching in the aspects of marketing, promoting and selling your services is every bit as vital as training in the art of delivering them. To make a difference in people's lives, first you must gain the opportunities. Professional training is a start to opening the right doors.

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