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16/12/2016: Training courses

A Celebrant Society training course is now regarded as among the best within the industry. In terms of impact and value for money they are hard to rival.

The courses include all aspects of funeral work, civil weddings and baby naming ceremonies.

Although they are structured intensively over two days it is by no means the end of the story.

All training is conducted on a 1 to 1 basis and includes the delegate shadowing an experienced celebrant during a home visit; a meeting with a funeral arranger; learning all the elements that are involved with writing an impactive script and seeing a celebrant "in action" taking a service. Candidates learn a great deal during their training period but it is impossible for them to learn everything all at once.

Training remains "on-going" forever, in terms of back up and support. Funeral and wedding scripts can be checked by our writers for accuracy, content and running time before they are delivered at a ceremony or event.

It is not uncommon for celebrants to experience writers block and sometimes it takes a trained eye to help them complete a script.

Celebrants learn to expect the unexpected.
It is not unusual for a celebrant to receive a panic call from a funeral arranger in the afternoon checking someone's availability for the following morning. This happens when a family has been let down at the last minute by their trusted clergyman and a celebrant is entrusted to step and write an elaborate story of someone's life from whatever details they are given over the phone.

The celebrant's aim is then to achieve a satisfactory outcome from the family, regardless of what is required at such short notice.

This is one of many scenarios that our celebrants are likely to face during their careers. Choosing to become a celebrant is rewarding in every way and a worthwhile investment for the right person.

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