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The Celebrant Society - Annual Conference 2018

"I will be an instant star. Just add water and stir." David Bowie

Any one of us can become a star in the world of celebrancy. You may become lucky and follow David Bowie's lead, becoming an overnight sensation. Who knows? However, in the world we inhabit, luck usually needs a bit of a helping hand. To get some insider information about how you may help lady luck to help you excel in this exciting new career, you might attend:

The Celebrant Society Conference

Monday 21st January 2019 at a prestigious venue on the Embankment in London.

There you will find a veritable galaxy of speakers, helping you get to the heart of creating and delivering professional celebrant ceremonies, through in depth and informative talks covering all aspects of a celebrant's work.

All the speakers are highly trained, motivated professional speakers, committed to the industry. During the day, you will pick up valuable information on universal matters during the plenary sessions. Specialist information relating to funeral, wedding and baby naming celebrancy will be delivered in break-out sessiond during the day.

Specific topics are all covered by different speakers during the day, so you can pick either the subject you wish to follow or the personality you feel is most akin to your own, then follow that speaker through the different facets as they lead their respective specialist sessions.

To view the conference timetable, request more information, or book your place, click here

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